J2 Winery grows Pinot Noir in the Los Carneros AVA of Sonoma County. We also craft Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel wines sourced from vineyards throughout California. Please visit us at J2winery.com


J2 Winery proudly supports IAFF Firefighter Unions in local communities throughout the United States. We're in this together, lets do something about it, lets Wine about it.


J2 Winery will provide half the profit of every bottle sold of the Firefighter Zin to local IAFF Firefighters.

Let’s Wine about it-

J2 Winery’s ultimate goal with the 2013 Firefighter Zin is to get additional funds to local IAFF unions, who serve the people, who bought the wine.  We want to get more money into the hands of the locals, so that they can help their firefighters in need.

The Plan -  Grow grapes, make wine, design label, bottle wine, sell wine & give half the profits to the local firefighters.